A “Palace of Justice” in the forest
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Villa Morelli Gualtierotti is an enchanting destination where time has stopped and our guests can enjoy the silence and relax in a private swimming pool, surrounded by a collection of contemporary sculptures in Carrara marble.


The villa is a magnificent Art Nouveau building which used to belong to Mr Gismondo Morelli Gualtierotti, an influential politician of the Kingdom of Italy in the early 20th Century. It is situated in a very peaceful hamlet, surrounded by a large park with centennial beech and oak trees. The ground floor was used as a carriage house while the Senator had his lawyer's office at the first floor.
Perhaps for this reason, or perhaps because the façade was designed by the same architect, author of the Supreme Court palace in Rome, the building has always been known as the "Palazzo di Giustizia".


The pool measures 13m. in length, 5m. in width and 1.20m. in depth.

It is heated by a heat pump, keeping the water temperature between 25 and 29 degrees (weather permitting)​. The pool has an electric coverage. If properly used, it helps keeping the water clean and warm. A solar shower is located near the roman scale. A very enjoyable hot tub is available on the terrace.


Villa Morelli's private garden is enriched by a collection of white Carrara marble sculptures.
The authors of these works are Giuseppe Bartolozzi and Clara Tesi, two friends of ours and highly appreciated versatile artists. Their works range from painting to sculpture, using materials as diverse as plaster, wood, bronze and various types of marble.
They will be glad to welcome you to their studio situated near the coast, between the town of Carrara and the cute Pietrasanta (where many internationally renowned sculptors work and exhibit their artworks). One of their sculptures represented Italy at World Expo Shanghai 2010.



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